Campement d'Autodéfense populaire à Rouyn-Noranda

From August 24th

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This community initiative is a reaction to the multinationale Glencore, owners of the Fonderie Horne de Rouyn-Noranda, who pollutes us to death. We will occupy a zone in Noranda that Glencore want to acquire and demolish by creating a 'buffer zone' that will kick out 200 famliles from their prorieties. We are asking for solidarity to occupy the coveted territory and to create a real democratic organisation inside the 'campement' that will lead to directs actions decided together to fight the big capitalist machine. 

Join us in the front line of the fight againts Glencore. United, let's create a temporary space of freedom.

For more informations, please whrite to us at

[email protected]